Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who are these characters
calling themselves Republicans?

The Republican Party is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States.

Indeed the party began life as the Abolishionist Party.

Somewhere along the way we managed to forget or otherwise lose sight of our own roots and began attracting opprotunistic weathervanes like Lowell Weicker and even worse, bigots like David Duke and Paul Streitz.

This blog will be dedicated to exposing so called Republicans that refuse to remain true to the root cause of the party's original formation.

Less government.

Strong national defense.

Minimize over-regulation.

And most important - 
The Republican Party is no place a bigot should 
feel safe from physical harm. 

We should all revere the actions of 
Connecticut native, Abolitionist John Brown

-ACR (Authentic Connecticut Republican)


  1. About time someone with a clue....Good Luck with your blog

  2. "Less government.
    Strong national defense.
    Minimize over-regulation."

    Gosh, if you guys work a little harder at it, you might actually become Libertarians!

  3. Im not sure I like John Brown (he did commit Treason), but I understand your point. Republicans are for Civil Rights.

  4. Andover Republican said... "
    Im not sure I like John Brown (he did commit Treason).."

    If slaughtering slave owners is treason we should all be guilty of it!

    Torrington Town Seal

  5. actually true conservatives are paleoconservatives-they resist overseas interventualism, are for against reckless govt spending (like the pork filled agriculture bill passed a couple years ago), they are for strong border security and against the Al Sharpton-like demagoging that is present whenever immigration is discussed

  6. Anonymous said... "...
    actually true conservatives are ...

    Yes that could be true.

    However ACR is true to his name and more of a (gasp!) Rockefeller Republican than a southern or western conservative.

    Fiscal conservative, social moderate, and as an absolute military hawk, quite fond of nation building.

  7. What should have been written about our state convention.

  8. Awesome! Reposting!


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