Monday, September 04, 2006

Where is the 1st district Republican candidate for congress?

Seems that since the IRS began investigating MacLeans use of a tax exempt church parsonage and the SEEC (State Elections Enforcement Commission) began to look into his address irregularities (no-doubt in his attempt to conceal his actual address from the IRS) ; he's completely disappeared! Let's review:

October 2004 MacLean obtains a CT drivers license using 3 Hartland Blvd, New Hartford as his address. This is in fact his correct, real address. It is however illegal to operate a campaign out of a church owned tax exempt property making his next move quite logical, if he hadn't been caught at it anyway.

August 2005 MacLean addresses members of GOP state central as "fellow Republicans" while not yet even registered to vote. (Thus, the "truth" campaign begins with a lie.)

Sept. 2005 MacLean registers to vote in Hartland using 9 Granville Road as his address. Problem is there is no such address in Hartland.

CT statutes call this a felony.

MacLean has since issued loads of nonsense calling it all a mistake; but it's clear the guy's as obviously guilty as an armed robber caught on video.

Will the SEEC move in time to allow the vacancy committee to act and place a legal candidate in place?

Will the state prosecute as they should?

Why has the Secretary of State's office done nothing? (Business as usual for them?)

Stay tuned.

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