Sunday, October 29, 2006

The hypocrisy of the left

According to those on the Left, we need jobs, and good paying ones at that - what we really need is, union jobs! (Never mind that unemployment is at record lows and that employers currently have trouble finding job candidates at all.)

Indeed, the unions are so concerned about their declining membership that they're fielding their own candidates, and when that's not possible funding others heavily enough to assure themselves not of influence but of outright ownership.

Take State Representative Joe Aresimowicz for example.
Joe's just finishing his first and probably only term representing the 30th assembly seat in Berlin & Southington. Aresimowicz not only has heavy union backing, he's a full time union employee too, working as "an organizer" (read: enforcer (ie: thug)).

ACR's gone by the headquarters used by Aresimowicz repeatedly and noticed the car in the parking lot most everytime.

Notice it's not a union made automobile.

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