Saturday, December 16, 2006

Riled Rell reacts (rightfully) to DPUC action


December 15, 2006

Statement of Governor M. Jodi Rell on DPUC Decision

to Grant United Illuminating Co. Rate Increase Request

Governor M. Jodi Rell today released the following statement following the Department of Public Utility Control’s decision to proceed with rate increases for United Illuminating Co., beginning January 1, 2007:

“This decision, especially when coupled with the decision last week to grant rate increases for Connecticut Light & Power Co., is an incredibly disappointing and – worse – unnecessarily frustrating blow to residential and business ratepayers in our state.

“My request for a few months of working room to find ways to help alleviate this problem – a request that just this week was reinforced by legislative leaders – could easily have been granted. While recognizing the importance of power contracts that have been signed we must also recognize the immense pressures these increases are placing on the families and employers of Connecticut. Their burdens only continue to grow.

“The challenge before the Legislature, the Executive Branch, regulators and the power industry is painfully clear. The problem cannot be allowed to linger – all the less so because of decisions like today’s.”


  1. typical politcal response. Paragraph's of word's that have no meaning. How about doing something about the problem. Stop the insane stupidity and build powerplants. Why is it we can power all the military vessels with nuclear power but we can not generate power for the citizen. Get off your butt.

  2. The problem with the Rell is administration is that no one is looking ahead. It is all about one person controlling everything. Lisa Moody is too stuck in the present to try and plan ourselves out of problems. I don't see this changing until Rell balances the power a bit in her administration.

  3. NY deregulated and their rates didn't go through the roof. There are more than enough power plants to supply power o CT. The problem is that UI and CL&P are monopolies protected by the state.


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