Monday, May 21, 2007

Pond Scum calls for ethical reform???

U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy spearheaded an effort by freshman representatives Wednesday to call for an independent and bipartisan ethics panel to investigate complaints against lawmakers.
"Clearly the Ethics Committee that Congress has today doesn't work," said Murphy, D-5th Dist. "The process that's in place right now requires congressional members to investigate their friends and colleagues.

"It's time for a change. The voters sent me here to drain down the swamp that's become Washington, D.C. That's what I intend to do."

Murphy is calling for an independent panel, made up of members of the public, that could initiate and investigate complaints made against members of Congress.

Murphy and ethics in the same sentence?


This is the Murphy that did a dog and pony show at a chamber of commerce breakfast held in a hospital cafeteria who went on and on about malpractice insurance; received oodles of cash from the doctors that attended and even more from their friends that they all dutifully called and then voted against any sort of relief for them?

A viper who so incensed the medical community that a non-political 70 year old OB Gyn took the day off to work the polls for Murphy’s opponent?
(1st time in his life he ever donated to a politician was to Murphy)

That Chris Murphy??

This is the guy that spread around that the incumbents son was terminal and the incumbents wife had lost it and was “up at the institute” having had a breakdown over her child’s illness and that the incumbent was in no position to serve? (None of it was true, that man’s son is receiving his Eagle Scout Award this Sunday, thank you very much)

That Chris Murphy???

Ethics and Chris Murphy in the same sentence is simply impossible.

The guy makes Billy Sol Estes look like Diogones.

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