Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Say "NO" to Dave Zoni

Lest we forget the calibre of Zoni's last campaign; and thus his own lack thereof.

From The Southington Observer

Zoni’s shameful tactics

Zoni, a Democrat, approved a piece of campaign literature that is so vile and repugnant, it sets a new low mark for negative campaigning.

Democratic alderman and current Southington resident Don Rinaldi, who in 2001 led the fight for impeachment proceedings against Giordano, has said the mailer “crossed the line” and that Caligiuri was clearly working for an agreement with the best interests of the city in mind.

Zoni should be ashamed and his entire campaign staff should be embarrassed for stooping to such a low. At a minimum, an apology is in order here, but we seriously doubt one will be forthcoming.

Note: No apology has ever come; the man apparently has no honor what-so-ever.

.... Zoni has made the decision that he is intent on winning at any
cost, even if twisting the facts...

The Observer concluded
.... a moral compass that can help him distinguish the differences between right and wrong.

Sadly Dave Zoni has come up woefully short in that department.


  1. is there a pdf or something of the mailer anywhere?

  2. >>is there a pdf or something of the mailer anywhere?

    The mailer in question disappeared quickly and those that created (the guilty) aren't about to release a copy of it.


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