Saturday, November 03, 2007

Southington Republicans

This year we should be able to retake many of the seats lost two years ago.

Thanks to the hard work and heavy lifting of many members of Team Republican, most notably our Chairman, Ed Pocock, Jr and our Vice Chair, Steve Pestillo. (A truly tireless worker by all accounts.)

This is not to say our candidates haven’t been running hard enough; indeed most of us have seen their efforts at various functions all over Southington.

I’ve personally witnessed the man I hope to see become the next Town Council Chairman from only a few houses away, and can assure anyone that Mike Riccio has left no stone unturned and has worked tirelessly for the party as a whole. Living only a few doors from Mike I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him pretty well. Mike is a good man, a doting father and worthy of the respect of any upright decent person anywhere.

Nick’s 40 years of public service should serve us and the town well.
Cheryl has a proven track record as does Southington’s own superhero, E-3, While even some Democrats have taken to complimenting our own John Carmody for his even handed and non-partisan approach to land use issues.

Our Council slate is among the strongest we’ve fielded in the 26+ years I’ve been a member of the SRTC. While not my intent to fail to mention every candidate, nor to offend any of our hard working people in doing so, I’m compelled to mention the caliber and drop-dead loyalty I’ve seen in the past from our candidate Dennis Palmieri; it’s no small wonder that former Southington Police Office Tony Palmieri’s son is the same sort of pleasant, friendly, and competent soul most of us are already accustomed to in his dad.

Now the real reason for this post: In years past we’ve failed to control of the Council by as few as 4 votes (1983) and again by a mere 6 votes a few years later.

It’s imperative that none of us fail to show up Tuesday at our polling places.
Better yet, take the day off, cut out early, do something to help our people at the polls; believe it or not, Election Day polling place activity can swing results by as much as 7%

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