Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't miss this new blog: Election Journal

A new blog has recently appeared and has interesting and important content that might be difficult to find elsewhere. Election Journal

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Here's some links to recent posts; be sure to visit the site itself, as it has interesting often humorous pictures as well as YouTube posts.

Pittsburgh - Court Issues Cease and Desist Order Against Intimidation of Obama Supporters

…there was a problem with one polling place in Homewood. That problem, inside the Bethesda Presbyterian Church, was serious enough to trigger a court order.

A constable working the polling place was allegedly not letting supporters of Obama inside to vote and ordering those there to leave. The court order for City Ward 13, District 8 told election officials there to “refrain from discouraging or prohibiting, in any way, any elector from entering the polling place.”

Obama Campaign Director Charged in Assault of Election Judge

Esther Morales, southwest Texas campaign director for the Barack Obama campaign, was charged with third degree felony assault on a public servant, Tuesday (March 4). Justice of the Peace Aaron Rodriguez read Morales her rights and described her charges following the arrest at about 7:45 p.m. by officers of the Del Rio Police Department at the church hall, 510 Wernett St. in the Chihuahua neighborhood, south Del Rio.

Morales allegedly struck election judge Al Cervantes when he refused to allow voters to enter the polling place who were not in the proper line when polls closed at 7:15 p.m.

About Election Journal

If an election is worth winning, then there is someone willing to steal it.

There has been vote fraud since there have been elections. The first available evidence of vote fraud dates back to 471 BC. An archaeological expedition discovered 190 Athenian “ostrakons” (pieces of broken pottery used as ballots) filled out by only 14 different handwritings.

Vote fraud transcends party lines, international borders and appears in many different forms; vote buying, intimidation, tampering, forgery, absentee ballot, impersonation, petition, violence, registration…….

With hundreds of millions of dollars being invested by political parties, campaigns, 527’s and third parties, the 2008 election is one worth winning. There will be those trying to steal it. High turnout, regulatory changes, machine issues and a lack of election official training will add to the chaos. is an online community dedicated to raising public awareness of vote fraud and election irregularities. We encourage you to join the community, post comments often and share your stories.

Election Journal will be in the field on election day using new media technologies to document and report in real time as the democratic process plays out.

2008 should be a wild ride…stay tuned!

“Voting should be easy, cheating should be hard”

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