Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where did your money go?

A look at wealth redistribution.
Where does the dough go?

Interesting stuff here:

The U.S. Census Bureau maintains a website with loads of data, including per-capita income by town.

Here you'll find that Greenwich, CT enjoys a per-capita income level of $74,346

ACR came across other data as well; like the fact that Greenwich generated a total of $581,663,817 in state revenue (income plus sales/use tax) and received in state spending only $6,248,579 for a deficit of -$575,415,238.
This means for every dollar Greenwich paid into the state, they got back one cent

We used Greenwich as the example as that town got the worst deal, or lowest return on their "investment" in the state.

To see all 169 cities and towns, you can view the entire spreadsheet here. I was lucky enough to get my friend Steve Coppage over at to post the whole sheet.

Thanks to Connecticut Republican State Central member, Sean Murphy for the data this post is based on.

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