Friday, June 20, 2008

Mandating Hazardous Waste

A really screwy idea

You've seen these funny looking light bulbs and may even have a few in your home.

Here's what you probably didn't know.

They're dangerous!

That didn't stop Connecticut State Representative Mary Mushinsky (D-85) from trying to force the bulbs into our homes by statute.

The hypocrisy of it all!
Muchinsky has held office for 28 years, and has been a full blown environmental kook the whole time.

It should come as no surprise that she failed to do any fact checking prior to promoting such a hair-brained scheme, nor should we be surprised that none of these "CFL" bulbs are made in the United States; after all, why would a Democrat try to help fellow Americans keep their jobs?

Here Congressman Ted Poe of Texas explains the serious problems these bulbs present.

The EPA even has a whole site dedicated just to the proper disposal of them!

Among other things, if one of these bulbs breaks, it tells us:
Have everyone else leave the area; don't let anyone walk through the mercury on their way out. Make sure all pets are removed from the area. Open all windows and doors to the outside; shut all doors to other parts of the house.

If a spill occurs on carpet, curtains, upholstery or other absorbent surfaces, these contaminated items should be thrown away in accordance with the disposal means outlined below. Only cut and remove the affected portion of the contaminated carpet for disposal.

All this for a light bulb - it's insanity.


  1. And the nice part about Tax and Spend Mushinsky is that she actually will be running against a candidate on the Republican side who has a great chance of winning Mike Vitali. And then I might actually have someone who represents people who work for a living in the 85th!

  2. Thanks for the comment Bob, and I hope you see fit to post a few things about Mike so as to give him a little help.

    I know him, he's a fine, bright, pleasant young man, and from good stock too.

    Mike's a lineal descendant of William Wallace's sister. Thus Vitali veins flow with the blood and DNA of the man called Braveheart.

  3. Absolutely true, mercury is poisoning too many people, especially children who recieve it in their vaccines as a preservative. This is Timerisol and is now under severe scrutiny for inducing spectrum disorders.
    Whenever you mention this to the Milford Democrats they resapond with lies and malicious attacks and refuse to even investigate. The call everything a conspiracy theory even when the facts are laid out right in front of them.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Even though I am a libertarian, (who has been accused of being a pseudo-anarchist...which is a compliment), I am a steadfast environmentalist. However, many of the strides we are making to be 'greener', while often good intentioned, are truly not the right choices. Ethanol, these light bulbs, and the Toyota Prius are all examples of 'Environmentalism Gone Wrong'. If you want to know how to 'do it right', look at Sweden, and their Renewable Energy Independence Plan.


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