Saturday, September 20, 2008

John Brown's Body Must Be Spinning in the Grave

The Party of Lincoln?

Less than 35% of Whites consider Blacks to be hard working?

I'm more than embarrassed by this.
Any Republican that isn't should I think, kill themselves..
...right away too!

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That the accompanying article was written by a well known leftist and political bigot, AP's Ron Fournier, (who never met a Republican he liked) gives some solace as we can pray the entire piece is flawed - and indeed it might well be.

Consider the party's history:
The founding members freeing slaves via the
Underground Railroad.
The Civil War itself,
and of course
The Civil Rights Act

But now we've somehow attracted bigots to our midst?

Purging them from the party is not enough.

There is I believe, only one rightful place for racial bigots.
Torrington native, John Brown knew where that place was.

The grave.

We must leave bigotry where it was born.
The same place that gave us the party that brought genocide to the
North American continent, the party of Andrew Jackson,
The Democrats

Authentic Republicans know this is the truth; and we know what we must do.
Mass slaughter of bigots, while a happy thought, would be messy; so we must expose bigotry and bigots - and purge them from our midst.

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