Thursday, October 02, 2008

Southington Deserves Better

We Have a Record to be Ashamed of

Here's a few of the votes the current member of Assembly District 81 made in the past two years alone!

Make no mistake, everyone says he's a "good guy" because in fact he is!

However, lest he find himself on the outs with his own party (which is not the Democratic Party of 20 years ago) and wind up in a primary and challenged from within as his colleague in Wolcott (80th district) did this year; he has to go along with a load of bad legislation.

The problem is - we're the ones paying for it.

Voted to tax veterans' pensions.

No Friend of the elderly
Voted to tax seniors' pensions

Apparently likes hardened criminals!
What the heck - let's give everyone another chance, and another, and another.....

Voted against "3 strikes and you are out" that will put career most horrendous criminals away forever.

Drug Dealers are Okay!
Voted to weaken crack-cocaine laws

It's Time for a Change!

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