Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stamford: Angry Mayor / Angry Chimp

Two angry Stamford Residents

Much like their now famous Chimp, Stamford's Mayor has anger management issues.

One would think someone running for Governor would have broad enough horizons to be at least vaguely familiar with the majority of morning show hosts.

Not Dan Malloy.

Poor Dan's been drinking the kool-aid and was rather obviously unfamiliar with the top rated cable morning show because it's on (gasp!) Fox.

Had Malloy
(or anyone on his staff) done their homework he would have known that an interview with Steve Doocy is always a good thing.
Doocy's entire schtick is "Mr. Nice Guy"; if he's interviewing you, that's a big break as he isn't known for attack or gotcha interviews as it's simply not his style nor inclination.

After Fox & Friends host Doocy hands Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy a perfect straight-line, setting Malloy up so he could have looked pretty good;

.............well you'll have to see it yourself.

Malloy totally blows it and displays a pious self-righteous "I'm never wrong" persona making it clear why he won't (or doesn't dare) run for re-election, instead opting to set up his retirement account with the campaign funds he'll undoubtedly raise as a candidate for Governor.

(Think Democrats don't do that? Rosa DiLauro bought herself a couple of new cars with campaign funds, and heaven only knows what else.)

Thus the city mayor that always looks like a nice guy in still photos; and produces perfect 10 second sound bites with ease; becomes as friendly as his own city's famous Chimp when thrown a softball by smiling, Mr. Nice Guy himself, Steve Doocy.

A couple more performances like that and Jim Amann will sweep the Dems solely because he's NOT Dan Malloy.

If Malloy's handlers expect him to get anywhere, they, like the same city's Chimp owners, need to put a stronger leash on him.


  1. Gee ACR, I don't know if I agree with that.

    "He is asking for a $15 million turf field among other things..." was Doocy's intro. If that wasn't stacking the deck, I don't know what is. If it was an honest interview, why didn't FoxNews have Doocy ask about the trash to energy plan, or any of the major portions of the grant? The way it was set up, you'd almost be led to believe Malloy was having his own lawn re-sodded at the taxpayers' expense.

    Intellectual dishonesty is the currency that drives FoxNews. I think Malloy did a great job staying on message.

  2. The Resemblance is uncanny. The correlation is even more telling.

    Is this the change we need in CT?

    YES WE CAN!!!


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