Sunday, February 01, 2009

Waterbury-To-Hartford Rail


From the Courant:

"Several prominent legislators are looking into whether the state could use federal stimulus aid to establish passenger train service from Waterbury to Hartford.

Officials with Pan Am Railways told lawmakers that for $52 million, their company could bring the tracks on the Waterbury-to-Berlin stretch up to federal standards for passenger service and also build small stations in Bristol, Plainville and New Britain.

"We could get this [rail line] ready in 18 months, and we could do it for $50 million. I think that's less than the cost overruns for the New Britain busway will be," state Rep. David McCluskey, D- West Hartford, said Wednesday.

It's gonna be really swell!

Boarding new commuter service.

Comfortable ride to work.

Ride to work in a wonderful
smoke-free environment!

Convenient and inexpensive ground transportation will await you upon your arrival in Hartford!

Remember! Smoking regulations will be strictly enforced!

1 comment:

  1. And now that I'm unemployed from my educated high paying professional white collar job (paying lots of tax revenue to the state), I can now get a new job - hammering nails while laying tracks....thanks to the stimulus package and state legislators like McCluskey (D) our economy will now be stimulated!!!!

    Ah..Slave labor, there's nothing like it!!!

    "YES WE CAN!!!!"


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