Monday, March 23, 2009

New Study Says Arbitration Works for Consumers

A new study released by Northwestern University's Searle Civil Justice Institute challenges claims that mandatory arbitration favors corporations over consumers.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the study:

* Consumers, on average, wrapped up their arbitrations in 6.9 months.

* Consumers won some relief in 51.8 percent of the cases filed against repeat businesses ─ close to the 55.3 percent win rate that consumers enjoyed against non-repeat businesses.

* Consumers recovered an average award of $19,255

This comprehensive review of empirical evidence appears to demonstrate that not only does arbitration reduce frivolous lawsuits and reduce pressure on our already strained legal system; but also provides fair and timely outcomes for consumers and business interests.

See the Searle Institute policy breifing here:

Searle Civil Justice Institue Consumer Arbitration Press Conference from Jeff Cook on Vimeo.

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