Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another American 1st , thanks to Obama

No American President has ever bowed to a monarch.

Until Now.

Heads of state do NOT bow to Kings.
One should show respect, but never act as an inferior.

Couple this with Obama’s ridiculous lack of respect for the British Prime Minister and it really makes you think.


  1. that's pretty interesting to see. i wonder if other leaders of other countries bowed down as well. showing respect is one thing but this is a bit too much.

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  3. No mere monarch, the King of Saudi Arabia is the titular head of Mecca.

    Was the bow planned or was it spontaneous? Maybe he couldn't resist the leftist impulse to grovel before a despot.

  4. Someone said earlier today:

    "We finally get a brother in the White House and he's STILL bowing to the white man."


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