Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Dodd a Sitting Duck?

Sam Caligiuri asks:

"Can we do better?"

Pundits and political scientists can debate complex theories all day long, but to me, building a stronger America and a better Connecticut boils down to one simple question...Read More

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  1. Turns out it's only four Connecticut contributors! It's amazing that no one on Dodd's staff caught this before the filing--surely they could have boosted that number with a few calls.

    Glad to see Sam using this. The letter attached to it, though, is mighty turgid and platitudinous, I must say. And what's with this line?:

    "Senator Christopher Dodd has failed us in many ways, but this election will not be run against him."

    Say is ain't so, Sam! Dodd deserves an opponent who will go after him!


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