Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Democrats Turn on Dodd

On the Evening of June 22 2009, the Kent Democratic Town Committee at its regular meeting voted to adopt a resolution of no confidence in Senator Dodd.
The resolution follows.


The members of the Kent Democratic Town Committee share with Americans of all political persuasions a serious concern regarding how our political representatives finance their election and reelection campaigns.

Addressing this problem must begin through local efforts which focus on the behavior, integrity and performance of our own local, state and federal representatives. Consequently:

WHEREAS when the decisions of those holding political power are increasingly influenced by corporate lobbyists and corporate campaign contributions which sustain those holding political positions, and,

WHEREAS Senator Christopher Dodd has held a powerful position of oversight of the financial industry during a period when that industry pursued policies which generated enormous profit for its practitioners while devising and carrying out fraudulent practices that have come close to bankrupting the nation, and,

WHEREAS over the course of his 30 year senate career Senator Dodd has accepted more than 13 million dollars from the financial and real estate industries, both of which he was charged with regulating in his capacity as a member, and currently as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and,

WHEREAS Senator Dodd, in order to transfer 1.7 million dollars from his senate campaign accounts and divert those monies toward his ill considered presidential run, notified the Federal Election Commission that he did not intend to run for the senate in 2010, and,

WHEREAS Senator Dodd has violated either in fact or in appearance or both, in the several ways herein elaborated, the trust placed in him by his constituents,

THEREFORE We the members of the Kent Democratic Town Committee conclude that it is the legitimate responsibility of the people to intervene and to reject those political representatives who have become enamored with achieving and maintaining their own position and power at the expense of the citizens, WE RESOLVE that Senator Dodd does not deserve our support, and that through his pattern of behavior, he has become a symbol of what is wrong with our electoral system and deserves our vote of NO CONFIDENCE.

Adopted by the Kent Democratic Town Committee this 22nd day of June, 2009.

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