Saturday, September 12, 2009

John Ashcroft to Visit Cheshire

This Thursday

An authentic American patriot - such a patriot that in fact there's even an act named for him! The Patriot Act.
Yes - we're quite aware that there are those who exercise their 1st amendment rights criticizing the very Act that protected the nation so they could do so.

A huge supporter of an individuals' right to possess a firearm, the former Attorney Generals' position was ratified in last years Supreme Court decision; his stance had earlier driven the New York Times to distraction.

Well known singer.
Here Ashcroft is seen with fellow members of the legendary quartet,The Singing Senators.

Hat tip to Cheshire Town Councilman Tim White upon whose blog more information is available.

A special guest for a Cheshire GOP fundraiser this fall?

The event will be on Thursday evening, September 17th.

Should you be interested in attending this once in a lifetime event, please contact via email at:


  1. I'd really like to go to this, but I already have plans for Thursday night, dang it.



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