Monday, August 10, 2009

One Very Tough Woman

Anne Wexler

Democratic's Lose Powerhouse

Founded First Major D.C. Lobbying Firm Led by a Woman

Ms. Wexler began her unlikely rise to prominence in Democratic Party circles as a Connecticut housewife who joined the PTA and a local zoning board. By 1978, she had carved out an important role in the Carter White House and used her skills at compromise and negotiation to win support on Capitol Hill for the administration's legislative programs.

In 1981, she founded Wexler & Associates with two other two other Carter White House veterans, Gail L. Harrison and Robert Schule.

A tip of the hat to a tough feisty woman.

Read entire Washington Post article here.


  1. You have some connection to her?

    I don't doubt she was feisty, but there's no shortage of that in politics!

  2. >>You have some connection to her?

    No, but former SDS member, raving liberal and (weird) pro-2nd Amendment) Bruce Rubenstein made a remark elsewhere lamenting that no one seemed to care; so I tossed the post up.

    Keeps the bizarros from the kool-aid crowd from quite figuring me out.


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