Thursday, September 03, 2009

How to properly execute campaign signs

Get over it - they're not reading our junk mail

Print's out, because no one subscribes to most newspapers anymore.
So unless you're prepared to do a ton of television we'll have to get what marketing vehicles we can afford, right.

We can afford to do signs correctly - but most don't give it enough thought and thus fail miserably. 

It's time we realigned our campaign budgets.
  • Back off on junk mail.
  • Reduce the number of signs we buy.
  • Dramatically increase the caliber and sophistication of the signage we do place.
Here's a 7 minute video that will explain how to do it correctly.

Above is a WMV file mounted on Blogger, this link will take you to the Youtube version (it's "public" but won't show up in searches).

Note the bogus publish date; that's so the whole world is less likely to stumble on to this but we can send those that might find this useful a link without passwords etc.

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