Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cousin Vinny Says...

Hey, you know me! I'm Joe Pesci, I played Cousin Vinnie in the movie!
Take it from me, if you want to get smarter you really ought to be reading what Don Pesci's writing; they don't call him "Don" for nothing you know!

This ACR guy gets it and he put a link over there to the right, right there where you can find it!

Besides, have I ever steered you wrong?

Look there's a link right on this page too! I mean how easy is that? And even a picture of the guy too!"

Don Pesci's Connecticut Commentary:
Red Notes from a Blue State.

Seriously folks, you should include Red Notes from a Blue State in your daily scan of what's new.

Don Pesci's an actual journalist not some kid blogger sitting in his mom's cellar pounding out weekly rants, which as you're no-doubt aware too often what we find.
Quite the contrary in fact.

Pesci writes long, well researched pieces and manages to do so with remarkable regularity.

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