Thursday, November 05, 2009

Massive Improvement in Southington

The Good News

Southington's Back on Track!

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy made time on election day to stop in Southington and give his best wishes to Southington's Team Republican.

Healy and incoming Town Council Chair, Eddie Pocock (E-3).

The Bad News

Minority representation rules prevented some of our candidates from being seated on the board or commission for which they ran; plus we had one of our six council candidates simply not make it which, especially considering which Democrats won, will prove to be worse news for the community at large than it was election night for him.

Sadly, Southington lost the services of Chamber of Commerce President Art Secondo on the Town Council. Secondo's one of those few public figures who's lifetime of public service and genuine altruism, totally transcends partisan politics even while serving on the council.

Below is Connecticut Republican Party Chair Chris Healy with
"Mr. Southington", Democrat - Art Secondo.

Secondo's well known and widely respected by good people throughout the entire northeast as someone who put the interests of the town ahead of his party's political boss system.
Southington's Town Council became a decidedly politically charged environment during the past few years due to the constant petty partisan actions of the outgoing Council Chair.

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