Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A message from Chris Coutu (R-47)

Representing the citizens of Connecticut is a great honor. I am proud to be an independent voice in a state with a legislative body that is addicted to deficit spending. This elected body is composed of a veto-proof Democratic majority that controls over 70% of the vote and the agenda. Seventy percent is a surprising number as our state is composed of 47% unaffiliated, 31% Democrat and 22% Republican registered voters. All this power in the hands of one party has resulted in a legislative representative body that is not representing our interests.

Hartford's 2009 lowlights:
• Raised 2 billion in new taxes and fees
• Provided no unfunded mandate relief for cities and towns
• Amassed 1 billion in new debt to pay for last year’s deficit
• Raided future revenue streams with 1.4 billion in “securitization”
• Utilized 500 million in revenue to be determined to present a “balanced” budget
• Attacked our constitutional rights with bills removing legal gun owners rights and pushing for committees to run church finances

• New billion dollar deficit
• Businesses closing and jobs leaving Connecticut
• Fitch and Moodys negative outlook on our bond ratings
• 800% increase in general fund debt payment from 1991
• Large cuts in town aid, which will result in property tax increases

Worst of all, citizens do not trust Hartford and once again feel they have been misled.

To prevent Hartford’s veto proof majority from delivering even more chaos, we need to take back our state. We need to remove legislators who put political promises over the best interests of our citizens and communities.

In order to accomplish this goal I need 500 signatures and campaign donations by December 31st. To support our effort please complete the form at www.coutu2010.com and donate between $5 and $100. Your support will help make a statement that we are a strong grass roots movement in support of your interests, not the special interests.

With your help, we will take back our Connecticut.


Christopher D. Coutu

State Represenative Coutu has dedicated his life to public service.

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  1. It will not be a huge check but it will go out today! Barbara J. Ruhe


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