Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Know Your Opponent

Saturday February 6th, at an event in Vernon, Connecticut, Linda McMahon showed us exactly why Rob Simmons should win the Republican nomination and be our next Senator.

Speaking at the event, McMahon said the next Senator must have experience dealing with China and understanding the culture. True enough. But what experience does she have? In her own words: Setting up a World Wrestling Entertainment office in Shanghai.

Seriously; one would think one of her highly paid handlers might have mentioned to her that China in particular might not be a good topic to address considering......

Rob Simmons has the real experience.
He learned Chinese by serving as a CIA officer, living overseas while working on difficult and dangerous missions in East Asia in order to protect American security.

He later worked extensively on these issues as a leading expert in Congress.
He's dealt directly with our national security challenges as an intelligence officer and Colonel in the Army.

For those unfamiliar with just who Rob Simmons is,
here's a simple guide:

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