Friday, March 26, 2010

The False Allure of Self-Funding Candidates

Oh yes, they're attractive candidates alright, after all no one has to do any heavy lifting to fund-raise for them!
Yet in truth they're the Halle Berry's of candidates; beautiful and alluring ....but the relationship never ends well.

We're it hearing all the time lately;
"But, but, look at all the money (he or she) has!
How can they lose?

How? Easy - no one has any skin in the game.

Candidates who need neither volunteers nor cash fail to attract true believers in meaningful numbers.
By election day, having invested neither time nor money the self-funding candidates supporters fail the intensity test.
Having been asked to do nothing throughout the entire campaign they're certainly not inclined to take a day off to work the phones in a GOTV (get out the vote) effort and might even forget to go to the polls themselves.

You can review all the data yourself here.

Data from Open Secrets

Tip of the hat to WNTH's Geoff Fox who I stole the Halle Berry line from.

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