Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reagan says: Markley for the 16th

In 1984 Ronald Reagan rode into Connecticut and while here endorsed Joe Markley for CT's 16th district senate seat.

Joe Markley is the only CT candidate running for the seat for which he was endorsed by Reagan.
Indeed, Markley might well be the only candidate in the country to make that claim.

Joe enjoyed other big name support too, including William F. Buckley who not only keynoted Markley's kick-off, but wrote a personal check for $500, the then maximum legal contribution to his campaign.

While neither Reagan nor Buckley will be attending Joe's kick-off this year, the single most influential supporter Joe ever had will be.

Dick Bozzuto

Join Dick this Saturday at noon on the Southington Town Green!

Joining Dick will be conservative Connecticut legend, Tom Scott, shown here with the late Wm F. Buckley.

Help us return sanity to our state government.

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  1. On top of being an all around good guy, Joe is an erudite fellow, very cultured. He'll be a real asset at the Capitol.


    An honest look on the weekend convention.


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