Saturday, April 24, 2010

State Senate Candidate Rob Gonzalez

I met Rob Gonzalez about the same time I began this blog. Gonzalez was a friend of a woman we tried valiantly to field for congress, Cuban born Miriam Masullo.

Rob's life story is one of overcoming adversity, which he's done the same way others before him have. Tenacious hard work and faith, including faith in himself.
Gonzalez has impressed everyone I've introduced him to.
Working with others we've encouraged him to seek elective office, which with no help from me he's done.

My close friend and long time ally, Joe Markley invited Rob to speak at a tax day rally this month. I wasn't there however I was sent a link to the videos taken that day.

I was stunned when of the videos hit this point:
(edited here down to 42 seconds)

Here's Rob's remarks in their entirety.

Dragging others into politics, most especially those that don't fit the widely held stereotypical mold or image of "Republicans" has been the most satisfying work of my life.

Hat tip and original video credit to:

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