Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fedele racks `em up! Shays, Cafero, DePino, & Gallo in 48 hour period.

Former 10 term Congressman, Chris Shays with Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele.
“I have known Mike Fedele for over thirty years and there is no candidate who is better prepared for the enormous job of being the next Governor of Connecticut,” said Shays.

Shays praised Fedele for creating jobs through his business in Connecticut, “not dismantling companies and sending jobs overseas,” a stab at GOP contender Tom Foley, whose firm would take over failing businesses to make them profitable for shareholders.
The writing on the wall is increasingly clear as the endorsements for  Lt. Governor Mike Fedele continue to roll in.

Fedele, the only self-made man in contention for the nomination, is considered both the best public speaker as well as exuding  a naturally warm decent "regular guy" image - which I can assure the reader is in fact the case.

“I know what kind of man Mike Fedele is, I know what kind of Governor he will make and I am proud to endorse him,”
Representative Cafero said.

“Mike Fedele has the knowledge, the vision and the values to align Connecticut’s state government with fiscal reality.  
The reality is that families, businesses and even other state governments have made hard choices in order to survive -- while Connecticut Democrats continue to pretend that reality does not exist. 
 Cafero concluded;
I believe Mike Fedele will open the blinds and deliver a resounding wake-up call."

 Two former Connecticut Republican Party Chairmen endorsed Fedele as well.

"Mike Fedele's story is one very much like every Connecticut resident's -- a child of immigrants who has lived the American Dream,"
said George D. Gallo, who went on to say:  

"Mike is a person of integrity, compassion and leadership.  I am proud to call Mike Fedele my friend."

Chris DePino said.
"There is a crying need at the State Capitol for the voice of fiscal restraint and smaller government and I know Mike will 
be that voice.

Mike has the courage to make the tough spending cuts that we must make in order to turn our economy around."

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