Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Attacking Firearm Safety
or, How Ross Garber Ruined His Own Campaign

 When Martha Dean said:
"As your Attorney General I will advocate firearms training for boys and girls in school ...." 
It was clearly a reference to the overwhelmingly successful  Eddie Eagle Program.

Her opponent , Ross Garber's remarks made it equally clear he hadn't ever heard of it; that alone didn't speak well for him as a Republican candidate.

Attacking firearms is a dumb idea for any Republican, but to attack and ridicule a proven gun safety program undoubtedly cost him any chance of being taken seriously.

Bring guns to school? Hardly, but maybe a few coloring books.

The purpose of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program isn’t to teach whether guns are good  or bad, but rather to promote the protection and safety of children. 

The program makes no value judgments about firearms, and no firearms are ever used in the program. 
Like swimming pools, electrical outlets, matchbooks and household poison, they’re treated simply as a fact of everyday life. With firearms found in about half of all American households, it’s a stance that makes sense.

Eddie Eagle is never shown touching a firearm, and he does not promote firearm ownership or use.The program prohibits the use of Eddie Eagle mascots anywhere that guns are present.  The Eddie Eagle Program has no agenda other than accident prevention — ensuring that children stay safe should they encounter a gun.
The program never mentions the NRA. Nor does it encourage children to buy guns or to become NRA members. The NRA does not receive any appropriations from Congress, nor is it a trade organization. It is not affiliated with any firearm or ammunition manufacturers or with any businesses that deal in guns and ammunition.  (Source: http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2009/12/31/the-success-of-eddie-eagle/)

Learn about the Eddie Eagle program here.


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  1. This is just fantastic. Education and diligence is the key to keeping accidents to bare minimums. This is the way to change the future and a worthy conversation. We will keep training those that have safety in mind and keep our Muzzles Front.



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