Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sportsmen endorse Markley

P.O. Box 2506 , Hartford , CT 06146

October 13, 2010

The Coalition of CT Sportsmen is pleased to ENDORSE Joe Markley (R) for election to the State Senate and rate him “A, Endorsed”. Joe Markley (R) was previously rated A Endorsed by the NRA and by CCS when he served some years ago in the Connecticut State Senate16th District. The District includes Southington , Wolcott, Cheshire and the East End of Waterbury.

Joe Markley always demonstrated impeccable integrity, is an avid researcher on all issues, responds to his constituents, and most important, exercises common-sense.
During his previous tenure he was always supportive of Sportsmen's positions.

Based upon these standards, the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen considers him an exemplary legislator, clearly worthy of election, and a positive benefit to the State.

We would urge all voters to strongly support Joe Markley’s election to the State Senate.

Robert T. Crook, Executive Director

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