Monday, November 08, 2010

The Head of Chris of Healy

The natives have become restless and are calling for the head of
Republican Party Chair Chris Healy.
Healy texting for reinforcements.

Angry mob outside Connecticut GOP headquarters in New Britain.

Having won nothing, not a Senate seat nor a single Congressional district or State Constitutional Office, defending Healy has become difficult at least; the work of a masochist at best.
The blame falls at his feet, and rightfully so.

Matt Daly, who briefly ran a quite forgettable campaign for congress in CT's 2nd district himself, called for new leadership in an Op/Ed piece in Sunday's Hartford Courant, and even Healy's former employer, the Torrington based Register-Citizen called for his removal in their November 4th editorial.

However - take a deep breath.
If not Healy - who?
What? You gasp.
You're not going to defend Healy are you?
Well in a fashion, only because I'm probably a masochist and despite himself I like him in the same way I like cigarettes. I know cigarettes are no good for me, but I enjoy them anyway.
While I enjoy Healy's acerbic wit immensely I find myself no happier with this year's end results than even the most rabid  members of the Tea Party.

Reasons to dump Healy.
As a member of the Republican State Central  Committee there's much I could criticize regarding the convention in May and the actions and activities emitting from headquarters since. 
I won't elaborate on any of it here.

Reasons to leave Healy in place.
  • Funding - Healy's been better than good at bringing in the cash.
  • Stability - Dragging the losing party chair off to a firing squad without a ready, willing and suitable replacement is just plain shortsighted and stupid.
  • Pit-bull - Healy can be as vicious as a junk-yard dog. While some believe that contributed to our dismal results, I would disagree. Besides what's the difference at this point? 
  • Entertaining - We might as well enjoy his witty remarks for at least a little longer.
  • How? - The process for forcible removal is difficult. Connecticut Republican Party Rules.

Connecticut Republicans will select new State Central members next May with those members selecting a new chairman the following month.

In the meantime we should calmly review last weeks train wreck. election, as well as critically observe the response from New Britain.


  1. You are right, we need to learn from this and move on.

  2. This is a results-oriented business. I like Healy, too, but other than Republicans in the state House, the GOP ran campaigns out of the 1980s.


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