Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rob `Landslide' Sampson

Robert C. Sampson is the caliber individual we too rarely are able to attract to public service at any level, much less see run for elective office.
He's an honest ethical decent man with a work ethic more often seen in newly arrived immigrants. Plus he enjoys a quick wit, and an irrepressible level of enthusiasm coupled with a pleasant and likable disposition.    
I received an email from Rob Sunday evening  January 31st expressing his desire to explore running for the 80th assembly seat in Wolcott / Southington.
He claimed to have met me, but I couldn't put a face to his name at the time so I called and emailed other members of the organization he'd referenced to see what they thought of him prior to contacting him myself.

Sean Hughes, the Sect, of the Waterbury Republican Town Committee gave me in about 17 seconds flat a complete endorsement speaking rapidly (not his style) and sounding almost excited.
Sean's a *very* calm fellow, "level headed" doesn't begin to describe him and he's not prone to excitement, so his response piqued my curiosity as Hughes had just totally endorsed the fellow claiming he would not only out-work anyone I'd ever seen but would win any seat he ran for no matter what.

Knowing Sean pretty well and having developed a healthy respect for his intellect and superb political instincts; plus realizing he's not one to embellish - I called Sampson back the same evening and set up a meeting for him to sit down with both Dennis Cleary, the other GOP state central representative from the district, and myself,  late the next afternoon.
Driving home following the meeting, where Rob had impressed me, Dennis called; "Where did you get that guy?" he asked incredulously.

Indeed - Rob Sampson did everything Hughes said he would, he worked like a man possessed, hit every door in the district plus about 25% of them a 2nd time and won by 45 votes!
So folks - that's how he earned the name: Landslide


  1. Good work getting rid of a useless Democrat. We could use more like him willing to wade into that swamp they call the state capitol.


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