Monday, November 29, 2010

We should support whatever Ann Nyberg's promoting

Ann Nyberg's a nice lady who by virtue of her staying power has become such a familiar figure that she's almost an  institution in here Connecticut. Ann's generous with time and her celebrity draw as well.

She's also more than just a talking head, she's a trained journalist and a professional at that, seeing as one can't get a handle on where she is politically. Never a wink, sigh or cleverly timed raised eyebrow. She does the news dead straight with no slant.

I've come the conclusion that she's actually the same lady that tells us the news in real life as she seems on the tube.
Sort of like the late Bob Steele (only prettier) who had no real schtick but was simply a wonderful friendly soul who had a radio program. I knew Steele well enough to realize he had no act; on air or off he was the same guy! If you enjoyed him on WTIC-1080 you loved him in person as that same on-air wry, dry wit was built right into the man. It was just how God made him I guess.

When God was building Ann Nyberg He seemed intent on creating one of those kind thoughtful women who never seem to run out of time or energy. You know the type; those where just  a glance at their schedule is impressive if not dumbfounding.

Nyberg's always up to something, she seems to get herself involved directly or simply promoting one goodie two-shoes project or event after another. Just following her on twitter can be exhausting.

One of December's big thing's is 
Saturday, December 11, 2010 from 1-4pm  36 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, CT  06371
Take out your PDA and punch this in now so you don't forget, it's a nice drive and your wife & kids will love it.
“A Connecticut Christmas”

To Benefit the Connecticut Food Bank and Tiffany Farm

From Nyberg's own website, Annie Mame:

This has come together fast and furious in the last two weeks over a cup of coffee and now it’s time to tell you all about it.
We can all work together to put food on the table for so many struggling families in Connecticut and help save a long time dairy farm at the same time.
This is being lovingly produced by, Heather Colby, Carol Dahlke, Ann Nyberg and Anna Rubino and we hope you will join us for our fundraiser: “A Connecticut Christmas – for Connecticut Food Bank and Tiffany Farm”, will be held at High Hopes in Old Lyme, CT!

This event is being hosted by High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. and we thank them for that. When you head out to this event, if you’ve never been to High Hopes you are in for a treat and you will hear all about what they do.
We will have music and hot coffee and this will be neighbor helping neighbor. Your price of admission is non-perishable food.

It is time to help our neighbors: 
Connecticut Food Bank reports that the need for food in Connecticut is up an incredible 30% over last year.* The need is up a stunning 100% in areas that never needed to ask for food.*

About Tiffany Farms

Tiffany Farms has been around since 1841 in Lyme, CT.  In September 2010 the lower barn burned down and at the time was holding equipment, antiques and over 1000 bales of hay that would have fed the dairy cows over the winter.  The Farm is in need of our help to rebuild the barn and replace the hay for the animals this winter.  Please join us this holiday season to make their season a little brighter.
Enclosed are more details about the farmers market portion for Tiffany Farm.  The Farmers Market will be a component of an over all fundraiser for Tiffany Farm and the Connecticut Food Bank.  We appreciate the instant interest by many of you for participation and look forward to working with all of you to make this event a great success.

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