Saturday, December 18, 2010

Assange: "U.S. intends to prosecute me."

"I came to Sweden as a refugee publisher involved with an extraordinary publishing fight with the Pentagon, where people were being detained and there is an attempt to prosecute me for espionage," 
Assange said in an interview in the documentary, aired on Swedish public television.

He shouldn't live long enough, the United States should have this guy eliminated as soon as possible, and we should make no bones about it.

As it regards Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning who is the suspect in leaking scores of classified documents to Assange; if found guilty of high treason he should be trotted out in front of a Firing Squad promptly.

Both events should be televised....."live" so to speak.

Why I feel so strongly the people that jeopardize 
the lives of our intelligence personnel should 
simply be dead.   

I attended 4 high schools in as many years and had no idea why my dad had suddenly become something of a job hopper; and didn't learn why until a full 20 years later when my father leveled with me.
He had traveled to Connecticut for my 3rd and final degree of FreeMasonry, and spoke to me at length the night I was raised as a Master Mason in 1987.

"Well Brother....let me tell you what I really did all my life.." he began.

I spent the next several hours gasping things like "what?"
In 1967 his cover had been compromised;  he had become a target.

I learned for the 1st time that my Dad had been an OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA) agent during WWII, where he was placed behind lines in a German Officers uniform.
He was literally a Commando and spoke to me of the experience only that one night. He would acknowledge but otherwise evade any discussion about it for the rest of his life.
I had known he had worked on a handful of defense devices, but the details had been vague and rather uninteresting, I had no idea he was up to his neck in the business.

Neither of us were serious drinkers, but we finished the only bottle I had in the house, a fifth of Strega an Italian liqueur.

He had no interest in pursuing an undercover lifestyle and was mostly an R&D guy, designing among other things the 1st ceramic nosecone for the heat-seeking Sidewinder Missile in the early 1950's.
He later turned down a lot of money to work on the Cruise Missile as he found the device offensive (potential civilian targets) and was only interested in working on defense.
He'd had no pangs of conscience after killing those that killed civilians and wasn't about to become such a man himself.

Had those that had placed my father in mortal danger been eliminated it wouldn't have bothered me one bit; likewise for the two scumbags pictured above.

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