Monday, January 10, 2011

Can you spot the real dope?

Fairfield Weekly: The DEA Cracks Down on Fake Weed

On Nov. 24, the DEA used its emergency powers to outlaw a range of heretofore legal ”synthetic marijuana blends,” creatively marketed as “incense.” When the ban comes into effect at the end of December, the chemicals used in K2, Spice and related products will officially become controlled substances, illegal to use, possess or sell.

In a written statement, DEA acting administrator Michele M. Leonhart summed up the government’s view: “Makers of these harmful products mislead their customers into thinking that ‘fake pot’ is a harmless alternative to illegal drugs, but that is not the case. Today’s action will call further attention to the risks of ingesting unknown compounds and will hopefully take away any incentive to try these products,” said Leonhart.
And with that, the DEA killed a legal buzz, the likes of which this country may have never known.

                           Fake Dope                                                       Real Dope 
Naturally, now that it's illegal nationally, and has been since December 24th last year, Connecticut State Senator Andrea L. Stillman, (D-Waterford) decided this week would be a good time to introduce a bill banning the stuff! 

Connecticut News Junkie:  Stillman Submits Bill To Ban ‘Fake Pot’

New Haven Register: Ban on synthetic cannabis

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