Friday, February 11, 2011

Corey Brinson - Keep The Money

Members of the Hartford Republican Town Committee:
I wanted you all to know that I have informed the Mayor that I am declining the entire $15,000 annual salary for remainder of my appointment to the Hartford City Council. 

I think that the money is better spent on providing money to disadvantaged city kids for college or assisting the city in its budget deficit.

Corey J. Brinson
Hartford City Councilman


  1. I true class act. Other Republicans should take note of this example of fiscal conservatism in action. Words are only words but actions speak louder! Great job Corey.

  2. You're right Sean.

    You & Corey are only months apart in age; in my minds eye I see you two fellows doing good things together well beyond my own lifetime....and I pray I'm correct.


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