Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Speak

Original Word or Phrase
Politically Correct Word or Phrase
Abortion Emergency Contraception
Accomplice Co-Conspirator
Alimony Spousal Support
Apartments Community Rentals
Arson Reckless Burning
Bad Less Than Perfect
Balloons Inflatables
Bartender Mixologist
Bellboy Bellman
Bird Watcher Birder
Black African American
Bleeding to Death Bleeding Out
Blind Visually Impaired
Bomb Implemented Explosive Device
Bombardier Offensive Systems Officer
Broken Home Dysfunctional Family
Bum - Hobo Homeless Person
Butcher Meat Cutter
Burglary Home Invasion
Casket Personal Burial Vault
Cattle Beef Animals
Church Worship Center
City Urban Environment
Civil War War Between the States
Civilian Non-Combatant
Committee Task Force
Concussion Blunt Force Trauma
Congressman Congress Person
Conservative Right Wing Extremist
Craftsmen Crafts People
Crazy Psychotic Disorder
Creation Intelligent Design
Crevice Crevasse
Crippled Disabled
Cuisine Culinary Arts
Curtains - Drapes Window Treatments
Dead End No Outlet
Deaf Hearing Impaired
Deliver (a baby)  Birth (a baby)
Diary Journal
Died Passed Away
Disease Disorder
Do Not Disturb Privacy Please
Doctor Prescriber
Dog Catcher Animal Control Officer
Doll Action Figure
Drowsiness Sleep Inertia
Drummer Percussionist
Easter Eggs  Spring Spheres
Emergency Room Trauma Center
Employee  Worker
Fire Department Division of Fire
Fireman Firefighter
Fireworks Pyrotechnics
Flooding Ponding of Water
Foot-Pounds (torque) Pound-Feet
Forecast Future View
Forest Fires Wildfires
Free You Just Pay the Shipping
Garbageman Sanitation Worker
Girlfriend Partner
Global Warming Climate Change
Goalie Goal Tender
Grocery Store Food Store
Gun Automatic Weapon
Gun Collection Personal Arsenal
Hairdresser Licensed Cosmetologist
Half Mast Half Staff
Handicapped Disabled
Handicapped Physically Challenged
Harass Harris
Harmonica Mouth Organ
Hatchback (car) Five-Door
Helicopter Air Ship
Hero Anyone
Hit and Run (accident) Hit Skip
Homosexual - Queer Gay
Housewife Domestic Engineer
Housewife Stay-at-Home Mom
Hunter Urban Outdoorsman
Husband - Wife Soul Mate
Iced Tea Sweet Tea
Illegal Alien Inadmissible Alien
Illegal Alien Unidentified Foreign National
Illegal Immigrant Irregular Migrant
I'm Sorry My Bad
Indian Native American
Indigestion Acid Reflux Disease
Initiation Hazing
Injury Trauma
Janitor Maintenance Technician
Jellyfish Sea Jellies
Jungle Rain Forest
Junior High School Middle School
Kidnapper Hostage Taker
Knowledge Awareness
Laptop Notebook
Larceny Unlawful Appropriation of Goods
Librarian Library Assistant
Lie Spin, Verbal Misstep
Life Jacket Floatation Device
Mailman Postal Worker - Mail Carrier
Mankind Humankind
Masseuse Massage Therapist
Mechanic Automotive Technician
Microphone Acoustical Sensor
Midget - Dwarf Little Person
Mood Swings Bipolar Disorder
Mute  Non-Verbal
Night Pre-Dawn Hours
Nightmares Night Terrors
Oriental Asian
Pain Discomfort
Paramedics First Responders
Parental Correction Time Out
Parole Ex-offender Re-entry
Passenger  Terminal Commuter
Pay (money owed) Retire the Debt
People Humans
People Persons
Performer Presenter
Ping-Pong Table Tennis
Pistol Handgun
Plastic Composite Material - Carbon Fiber
Police Department Division of Police
Police Department Safety Center
Policeman Law Enforcement Officer
Poor Economically Marginalized
P.O.W. Enemy Combatant
Prison Correctional Facility
Prison Guard Correctional Officer
Prisoner Detainee
Prostitution Human Trafficking
Recession Economic Downturn
Rerun Encore Presentation
Rerun Previously Recorded
Restaurant Eatery
Retarded Mentally Challenged
Rifle Assault Weapon
Right Privilege
Riot Flash Mob
Roads Surface Streets
Robe House Coat
Roommate Suitemate
Running Away Felony Evading
Runs Batted In (RBI - Baseball) Runs Driven In (RDI)
Salesman Retail Associate
School Community Learning Center
School Closing (weather) Calamity Day
Sedated Medically Induced Coma
Serve (food) Plate it Up
Shed Outbuilding
Shoes Footwear
Shoulder (road) Clear Recovery Area
Shovel Entrenchment Tool
Shyness Selective Mutism
Siamese Twins Conjoined Twins
Sinking Taking on Water
Slave Trader Human Trafficker
Slingshot Wrist Rocket
Sniper Sharpshooter
Snitch Confidential Informant
Snow Flurries Snow Showers
Soap Body Wash
Spokesman Spokes Person
Spouse Life Partner
Spring Resistance Coil
Stabbing Sharp-Force Injury
Starfish Sea Stars
Station Wagon Crossover
Stewardess Flight Attendant
Store Security Guard Loss Prevention Technician
Stove Cooktop
Strip Mining Surface Mining
Stripper Exotic Dancer
Stroke Brain Attack
Submarine Submersible
Sun Roof Moon Roof
Suspect Person of Interest
Suspended (police officer) Paid Vacation
Teacher Educator
Teenager Pre-Adult
Terrorism Violent Extremism
Terrorist Insurgent
Thief - Robber Gunman
Thumbtack Pushpin
Tidal Wave Tsunami
Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers Tomb of the Unknowns
Tradesmen Trades People
Traffic Accident Aggravated Vehicular Homicide
Traffic Circle Roundabout
Trailer Park Mobile Home Community
Transvestite Transgender
Travel Agent Leisure Travel Consultant
Truck Motor Carrier
Truck SUV
Used Pre-Owned
Vacation Road Trip
Vacuum Pressure Differential
Vandalism Criminal Damaging
Waiter - Waitress Server
War Military Conflict
Woman Person
You're Welcome Thank You
Zookeeper Animal Handler

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  1. wow for a Republican you're not too bright, and not very funny guess is you're one o' those 'low taxes' Repigs, not one o' those foaming at the mouth, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, religious fundamentalist, mentally retarded, southern Baptist morons, amirite? And yet you STILL spew forth the non-sense and non-intellectual gobbledy-gook bullshit propaganda sold to you by the corporate whores at Faux Noise, WTF? My guess is you're an angry, fat, old white guy who wants gummint ouuta yer bidness (but NOT outta OTHER people's bedrooms!) Folks like you are held captive by the United Corporations of 'Merka who laugh all the way to the bank as you vote for them while buying their carefully crafted propaganda...good luck with the stupid, it MUST hurt! :)

    oh wait, you're a Republican, duh!)


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