Friday, September 23, 2011

FDA sets stage for mass murder

This was my sister Nancy's 1963 high school yearbook photo.

Nancy died at 26 in September of 1971 in the midst of a severe asthma attack while trying to load her syringe with adrenaline.

Had the FDA not tied up the Asthma Inhaler for a full decade prior to approving it for use in the United States, she would be 65 now. 
Asthmatics across Europe and Canada had been using the inhaler for ages at the time of Nancy's death.

Now they're at it again!

Federal health officials are alerting asthma patients that a type of inhaler sold over the counter will be phased out at year's end because it uses carbon gas that depletes the Earth's atmosphere.
Read entire article here - FDA phases out inhaler.

Here's the real problem - the prescription inhalers simply don't work for some asthmatics anywhere nearly as well as the 5 times less expensive over the counter unit being banned.

Thousands of asthmatics will undoubtedly succumb do to this heavy handed decision by the FDA and one real shame is that not one of those involved will ever be charged as they so rightfully should be, with murder.

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