Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's All Help The East Hartford Republicans

A hearty lot those East Hartford Republicans, 
badly outnumbered, rarely a majority on any board or commission; they continue fight the good fight.
God Bless them they deserve a tip of the hat.

This cycle they appear to have put together a fairly impressive slate of candidates, you can learn about all of them right here:

East Hartford has recruited one candidate that I've become quite familiar 
with, and who impresses everyone I've introduced him to.

Hector Reveron
Hector has a Bachelor of Technology from Aeronautics College in New York, 
and  works for Pratt and Whitney as a technician and Quality Control 
for the military and major airlines around the world. 

Fellow Republicans, it's imperative we get this man on base; my plan is to purchase additional signs (they have so few) and do a blitz in E. Hartford in Hector's behalf the weekend prior to the election.
We can do so legally too.

Want to help a little? Donate $10 or $20 towards the signs or show up with us that weekend? 
Send your contact information to ACR right here: 


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