Thursday, April 05, 2012

Blustering Conservatives

The Democrats have not socialized America overnight.
Quite the contrary, they've been tenacious and steady.
They rarely toss one of their own under the bus over a single issue or two

The Democrats and their socialist ideology have prevailed not due to what they've done right, but because they don't tend to take their bat and ball and go home when one of their own fails to fully live up to their leftist goals.

Meanwhile, we can easily see how we lose.
How often we hear of those with high sounding principles and how if the Republicans do this or that then they're voting 3rd party or staying home.

Yet..somehow, those with track records of victoriously recruiting and fielding conservative Republican candidates; that maintain a voice of reason and pragmatism are the "problem" within the GOP.

I don't think so.

Waving signs, ranting on facebook, showing up at demonstrations and rallies is a poor substitute for having a hot dog roast in your backyard for a local assembly or state senate candidate.


  1. I definitely lean to the left, but I appreciate your candor. Looking in from outside, it just seems like "conservative" means too many different things, even within the GOP.

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