Monday, April 02, 2012


Republican In Name Only is a pejorative term that refers to a member of the 
Republican Party of the United States whose political views or 
actions are considered insufficiently conservative or 
otherwise not conforming to party positions. 
The acronym RINO, emerging in the 1990s, is a charge used in campaigns by Republican conservatives against party moderates.

Those that use the term have degenerated. 

Too rarely are they actual Republicans

Having failed to show up for battles we've lost, they appear out of nowhere and wish to dictate what the Republican Party should be in their own warped, naive and simplistic fashion.

They offer little if any help to our candidates, rarely join their local town committees, and generally donate little or nothing to our campaign war-chests. 
Some will attempt to smear party stalwarts, citing any, (including imaginary) flaws, sins against whatever their view of "Republican" is and so forth.

While the Republican Party needs to grow, especially here in the northeast; those using the term "RINO" will offer no help. Quite the contrary as they seem more interested in inciting arguments and general disagreement at every opportunity.

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  1. A political party, like any organization, succeeds when there is a divisity of opinions. When intelligent and adult discussion can occur and middle ground found.
    I am, and remain, a true believer that, particularly in politics, someone I agree with the vast majority of the time, will be a better representative than someone I disagree with the vast majority of the time.
    I do believe that the GOP, as a whole, does have the ideas and the vision to lead our country, at all levels, far better than our friends in the Democratic party, unfortunately, we did not learn from our Democratic friends, when the far left undertook the project of trying to take over the Democratic party, it took Bill Clinton and the moderates to revitalize and return the Democratic party to prominance. Our country lives and survives in the political middle ground, and the far left or right can never succeed in governing for the long haul.

    Time for the GOP to stop standing in a circular firing squad formation, and time to train our sights on the opposition.

    Just one lonely Republican's thoughts.


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