Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama-Care stands, Republicans more motivated than ever

We may be looking the SCOTUS decision a little backwards.

As Republicans the last we want to do is find ourselves depending on the Supreme Court to legislate.

Further, without this nonsense remaining in place we had no assurance of a national repeat of the 2010 elections, where we saw over 200 more Republican state legislators elected than even in the 1984 landslide.

Now however, thanks to Roberts we're virtually assured of a Republican victory this November.

I only hope that the re-write includes aggressive limits on malpractice penalties as well as a massive curtailment of the FDA. Those two would dramatically reduce overall health-care costs.

Frankly, we should be tickled to death with the situation; the stock market took an immediate dive, everyone is all whipped up and the Tea Party is now foaming at the mouth like a pack of rabid dogs.

How can anything that gets so many people motivated be bad thing?

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