Thursday, September 06, 2012

Let's do bulk mail right

    During the 2012 cycle a candidate for state senate sent the same mail piece out twice.
   The first mailing went to only 450 and was done in house by the campaign at a cost of roughly $400 inclusive.
      It was a merge piece, each one was hand signed and that mailing resulted in a typical 3.5% return. 
     (A return of over 5% generally requires a  well timed follow-up phone call in addition to the letter itself.)
      The second mailing went out to 2200 and was done per the directions of a long ago office holder who has simply failed to keep up with technology, trends, or so long as we can see; anything at all.
       It cost $1977 and resulted in a return of .05%  That’s 7 times lower despite an almost identical per-unit cost .
Let’s see what went wrong.
Here's a short video so you can avoid 
the same mistakes.


  1. Anyone who cares about running a successful political campaign will follow these sage words that come from the mind of someone who knows how to run a successful campaign.


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