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A 391 Year Tradition

Here's a complete list of who was on the
 Mayflower when it arrived in 1620

John Alden Richard Clarke John Howland Myles Standish
Isaac Allerton Francis Cooke John Langmore • Mrs. Rose Standish
• Mary (Norris) Allerton • John Cooke William Latham Elias Story
• Bartholomew Allerton Humility Cooper Edward Leister Edward Thompson
• Remember Allerton John Crackston Edmund Margesson Edward Tilley
• Mary Allerton • John Crackston Christopher Martin  Ann (Cooper) Tilley
John Allerton Edward Doty • Mary (Prower) Martin John Tilley
John Billington Francis Eaton Desire Minter • Joan (Hurst) Tilley
• Eleanor Billington • Mrs. Sarah Eaton Ellen More • Elizabeth Tilley
• John Billington • Samuel Eaton Jasper More Thomas Tinker, wife, and son
• Francis Billington Thomas English Richard More William Trevore
William Bradford Moses Fletcher Mary More John Turner, and two sons
• Dorothy (May) Bradford Edward Fuller William Mullins Richard Warren
William Brewster • Mrs. Fuller • Mrs. Alice Mullins William White
• Mrs. Mary Brewster • Samuel Fuller • Priscilla Mullins • Mrs. Susanna White
• Love Brewster Samuel Fuller • Joseph Mullins • Resolved White
• Wrestling Brewster Richard Gardinar Degory Priest Roger Wilder
Richard Britteridge John Goodman Solomon Prower Thomas Williams
Peter Browne William Holbeck John Rigsdale Edward Winslow
William Button John Hooke • Alice Rigsdale • Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow
Robert Carter Stephen Hopkins Thomas Rogers Gilbert Winslow
John Carver • Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins• Joseph Rogers
• Katherine (White) Carver • Constance Hopkins Henry Samson "Mr. Ely"
James Chilton • Giles Hopkins George Soule Dorothy, Carver's maidservant
• Mrs. Chilton • Damaris Hopkins
• Mary Chilton • Oceanus Hopkins
The bullets by some of the names are simply used to visually indicate family structure--those with bullet points are the wife and/or children of the earlier-listed individual.

Below are the names of the 53 that survived 
long enough to attend the 1st Thanksgiving.

Eleanor Billington, Mary Brewster, Elizabeth Hopkins, Susanna White Winslow.

Mary Chilton (14), Constance Hopkins (13 or 14), Priscilla Mullins (19), Elizabeth Tilley (14 or15) and Dorothy, the Carver's unnamed maidservant, perhaps 18 or 19.

Francis and John Billington, John Cooke, John Crackston, (2d), Samuel Fuller, Giles Hopkins, William Latham,Joseph Rogers, Henry Samson.

Bartholomew, Mary and Remember Allerton, Love and Wrestling Brewster, Humility Cooper, Samuel Eaton, Damaris and Oceanus Hopkins, Desire Minter, Richard More, Resolved and; Peregrine White.

22 MEN : John Alden, Isaac Allerton, John Billington, William Bradford, William Brewster, Peter Brown, Francis Cooke, Edward Doty, Francis Eaton, [first name unknown] Ely, Samuel Fuller, Richard Gardiner, John Goodman, Stephen Hopkins, John Howland, Edward Lester, George Soule, Myles Standish, William Trevor, Richard Warren, Edward Winslow, Gilbert Winslow.

A tip of the hat to Caleb Johnson who's site Mayflower History has become the definitive website as it regards virtually all things Mayflower. 
For a hands-on walk through history, visit the Sturgis Library in Barnstable, Mass. 
 You can also find them on Facebook:  .
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