Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Red Lion's Acknowledgement to Women's Rights

We had occasion to stop into the Red Lion for lunch this Saturday (the eve of my 62nd birthday) as my wife asked where I would most like to go. 

My family's been stopping by the place off and on for ages, my mother visited the Red Lion  in the 20's and 30's with her parents, and I recall my first introduction in 1958. 
With a family that's been in New England since 1620, it's a safe assumption that previous generations were familiar with the Stockbridge operation as well.

This afternoon we dined in the tavern; and from my vantage point I saw something that surely didn't exist until fairly recently.
A hook at the bar upon which women can safely hang their purses. (Circled above)

Oh........of course.
Lunch was great. 
Good service, delicious coffee, etc.
It's the The Red Lion for crying out-loud, what did you expect?

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