Friday, June 20, 2014

Healy's Right

Former Republican state chairman, Chris Healy is gathering signatures to help get Jonathan Pelto, a Democrat, on the ballot as an independent candidate for governor.

Chris Healy
Jonathon Pelto

Tom Marsh

Healy makes the case that Pelto could do to Malloy in 2014 what Tom Marsh did to Republican Tom Foley in 2010.  

You remember Marsh don't you?
He garnered around 17,000 votes while Foley lost by under 6500 and quickly vacated the state, moving to Vermont shortly afterwards. 

We should heed Healy's advice - the worst that could happen would be that Pelto wins; considering the fact that by all accounts, while Pelto is indeed a raving liberal, he none-the-less possesses both ethics and integrity.
Qualities seriously lacking in the current occupant of the office.

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