Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Kill Uncle Harry, After All It's Legal Now

Assisted Suicide - Gateway To Murder

The current assisted suicide bill before the Connecticut Legislature has one glaring problem.

It's not immoral and contrary to the beliefs of many Christians, suicide doesn't mean the victim goes to hell.

That's not found anywhere in the Bible, so get over it.

No one wants to see a parent or other loved one suffering needlessly prior to an unavoidable death, so on the face of it the bill seems logical, even merciful. 

But! - There's an elephant in the room that no one want's to be the first to mention.

It happens now, it's not even uncommon.

It's not difficult for overworked doctors to make a double-dose mistake, if poor uncle Harry's really gone for, it's doubtful he'll suffer long, especially if a family member promotes morphine for the suffering old fellow.

On the other hand, if uncle Harry is time consuming, tiresome, and maybe even a general pain in the neck, he could be in trouble.
Lord help him if he has any money left that his own extended care might exhaust, or that he might live long enough to spend on his own.

One can only imagine the scenarios whereby Harry could easily be convinced by those he thinks have only interests at heart, into loudly proclaiming to all who might listen that he wants to go meet his maker before the pain gets any worse.

The door will be wide open for abuse.

How many will never play what might have been the best round of golf of their lives, or will miss seeing a grand-daughter on her wedding day all due to the someone's greed.

Should this bill pass, we'll see people suffering terribly as they recuperate from something common such a knee or hip replacement (which should add great value to their lives) being talked into suicide, thus ending their lives 5, 10 or even 15 years too soon.

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