Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Primary Results

The GOP "won" both statewide Democratic primaries, in fact it's rumored that we're sending Jodi on a much overdue vacation. She'll return in time to vote in November.
We recommend that voters with any questions take a tour of New Haven anytime of the day or night. (Beruit might well be a safer place so be sure to lock your doors.)

My candidate got clobbered however so it's doubtful that we'll be showing any gains in the Hispanic minority area this cycle.

We spent the evening in a Cuban restaurant on Frankin Ave in Hartford where there were also a large number of Democratic CT state employees. They clearly adored Miriam but assured me that my party would reject her because she was Spanish and that rejection was, they explained exactly why they were Democrats.

Unfortunately it looks like they were right.

MacLean, Scott GOP 1,988 63.21
Masullo, Miriam GOP 1,157 36.79

Interestingly, our biggest loss was in Bristol where if you recall 2 decades or so ago there was a fairly substantial KKK movement.

I'm embarassed for my party and to the disloyalty we showed last night to it's Abolishionist founders.


  1. ACR--Masullo lost! Get over it! Post something new!!! You've got plenty to share at other blogs, why not ascribe something to yourself?!!

    PS: and why not post any comments, ACR? this isn't state-run blogging for the people's republican of southington, is it? grow a pair!

  2. Jodi needs a vacation??? C'mon, she's been on vacation since last year!

  3. I love how the above guy suggests that you grow a pair when he himself is posting anonymously.


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