Monday, August 28, 2006

Vacancy expected at Republican National Committee

From the Hartford Courant

President Bush reached into Greenwich for a fifth time during his presidency for a diplomatic appointment yesterday, nominating investment banker Charles Glazer as ambassador to El Salvador.

This will create a vacancy for the Connecticut GOP.

Currently there are two announced candidates:
One is both a lobbyist as well as a current member of GOP state central,
the other is
Republican State Representative John Frey

Many members and other Republicans I've spoken to have expressed concern over the appearance of elevating a lobbyist to such a position.

What do you think?


  1. Two good candidates. I support Healy. He's a proven party-loyalist and, even more important, Healy can lead us as we try to build the party over the next four years. Look what Healy brought to Middletown. That's what we need. Vision and energy.

  2. A lobbyist who pushes issues contrary to the interests of the Republican Party would be a problem. However, Healy is not that sort of lobbyist. He limits the issue he works on. So it's fine in this case. In fact, his knowledge of the Capitol and the Democrats that control it will help us sharpen our message.

  3. John Frey is the only serious candidate for the job. We need integrity, dedication and hard work. Plus, John has the Governor's backing.

  4. Oh, When did the Governor endorse Mr. Frey I must have missed that memo. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?


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